Cycling routes

There are fantastic opportunities for great cycling experiences in the beautiful countryside around Vejers and Stjerne Camping.

Stjerne routes.
Stjerne routes are our own routes in southwest Jutland.
Download the brochure here.

West Coast Route.
A 560 km long route that winds along the West Coast from Rudbøl in the south and Skagen in the north.
Please read more about the route on

Panorama routes.
16 different exciting tours along Jutland’s west coast. The distances vary from 20 and 50 km. The routes follow or go near the West Coast Route, so that they can be combined with this or experienced individually. As the tours are round trips, you can start and end at any point on the routes.
Look at maps, contour lines and more info on all the panoramic routes here.
Our local panorama route is called, “The Danish North Sea Nature Park” (Naturpark Vesterhavet).
The route is 26 km long and passes through the beautiful moorland north of Stjerne Camping. Check out

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